CTW review


Breaking the Silence-
A Conversation with Yuliya Lanina


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Yuliya Lanina is a Russian born multimedia artist exploring the human psyche through a genre-defying interweaving of painting, animation, robotics, and performance. I had the pleasure and honor to have an in-depth conversation with Yuliya about her most recent performance pieces which transported me into otherworldly landscapes of darkness and beauty. 

Yuko Oda (YO): What artworks are you exhibiting in Creative Tech Week 2019?

Yuliya Lanina (YL): I will be premiering Misread Signs, a multimedia performance done in collaboration with composer José Martínez and choreographer Andrea Ariel. It will feature movement, sound and my animatronic sculptures and projected animation based on my paintings. The piece explores the effects of trauma on the human psyche. It will premiere at Five Myles gallery, 558 ST JOHNS PLACE, Brooklyn, NY on May 8th, at 7pm.

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