Play with Me

Story about betrayal and loss of innocence.

Play with Me

Duration 3 minutes 10 seconds

Original music by Jeremy Kasha
Camera Sergei Krasikau

Two brothers start upon the quest for easy thrill. The eldest senses danger and cowardly volunteers to be the driver. The youngster blindly follows his own desire for adventure and kicks. 
The brothers ride through the woods, led by their happily blinded butterfly. Passing various wonders the rich wilderness could bring, they ride by the garden of unborn crying children, they pass carrots quietly making out in the woods, crawling baby slaves and bleeding chickens, they finally get to the tree where SHE lives.
The junior is ready. His arrow is prepared. He throws it and HER heart is wounded. SHE falls down breathless. The coward leaves before it is too late. The killer is ecstatic, he is the WINNER.
Suddenly the tree awakens, the flowers open their eyes, and the visionary birds appear in their casual S&M costumes embroidered stylishly with diamonds.
Startled pre-teen feathered fawns surround him. Out of somewhere the drunk baby God comes down in barbaric splendor; his infant soul is enraged. Revenge is imminent.
The fiendish laughter of a mad baby doll will stay forever imprinted in the brother's mind.

Photos Fred Hatt