SXSW proposal

This is a Test of Internal Emergency Broadcast System, an immersive multimedia installation featuring interactive animatronic sculptures, projections, and music.

This is a Test of Internal Emergency Broadcast System is meant to explore the mechanized and nonsensical aspects of human life and a state of perpetual unrest, all the while poking fun at our fascination with the dark and animalistic parts of the human psyche. Inspired by the Surrealist approach to creating images, where the subconscious takes the lead, the piece will envelop the viewers in an enchanting world of fantastical creatures, beckoning them to reach places unavailable to the rational self.
Projections, live camera feeds, motion-activated animatronics and original music will contribute to the creation of a seamless, immersive and somewhat disorienting experience for the audience. Shadows and optical illusions will make the space come alive, prompting the audience to question what is real and what is not.  Some of the animatronic sculptures, too, will have a sound component.

Upon entering the space, the visitors will enter the world populated with animatronic sculptures. They will be also surrounded with continuously changing projections. The visitors would be encouraged to explore the space and would activate the sculptures either by standing in front of them or by pressing buttons. An interaction with each motion-sensored sculpture would last about 30 seconds, and it will take about 10 minutes to experience the whole presentation. When activated, the moving sculptures would affect the projections in real time.

Power needs and space requirements
Ideally 25'x25' room with at least 12' ceilings, however the installation could be made smaller or larger depending on the space
5 x 15A circuits minimum

Some of the pieces have been created, others are in production.  Yuliya Lanina will fabricate the artwork, Sven Ortel will create the projections.  All of the objects will be durable, stable and suited for large crowds.

Examples of Yuliya Lanina's works for possible inclusion in the installation as well as the mock-up for projection design:

Examples of Sven Ortel's projection designs here

Sven Ortel's bio
Sven Ortel designs projections and imagery for Theatre, Opera, Dance, Musical and beyond,: Broadway (selection): Deuce, Faith Healer, Jumpers, The Little Mermaid, Woman On the Verge..., Wonderland, Newsies. West End (selection): The Sea, Marguerite, Jumpers, The Woman in White . Elsewhere: A Disappearing Number (World Tour), Measure For Measure (World tour), Tiefland, (Zurich, Barcelona), Rebecca (Vienna, Stuttgart), The Three Musketeers (Berlin, Stuttgart), Richard II (Old Vic) Swan Lake (San Francisco), The Ring Cycle (St.Petersburg), Off-Broadway: TFANAs Hamlet, Party People, Carrie, Julie Taymor’s Midsummer Night Night Dream, Regional: A Confederacy Of Dunces (Boston), The Other Place (Houston), Mary Page Marlowe (Chicago), Candide (Atlanta)… TONY nomination for Newsies.  Sven also leads the MFA program in Integrated Media and the PLAI (projection, lighting, and interactivity) emphasis at the University of Texas at Austin.

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